meet michelle
Michelle Lewis is a fine artist, graphic designer, set decorator, art director and event
designer with more than 20 years of professional experience. Creative expression has
been the driving force of all her endeavors and she always incorporates her unique
style, passion for art, attention to detail, and visual perspective to any project.

Michelle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Howard University in
Washington, DC and completed courses in Art Direction at the Portfolio Center in
Atlanta, GA and the Event Management Certification program at George Washington
University in Washington, DC. She studied and trained in all of the studio arts including,
sculpture, ceramics, and photography but found her passion in illustrating, painting and
graphic design. She majored in graphic design and minored in radio, television and film,
which is evident in her diverse portfolio that includes print work, fine art, and film, video
and theater credits along with event production. Michelle is also a certified floral
designer and continues her education through conferences and training.

As an event and meeting professional she has designed and
managed a wide range
of events from annual association conventions to private events at the U.S. Capitol.
She has produced events at the French Embassy, Smithsonian Institution's Air
Space Museum, and the National Museum of American History. She has had the honor
of hosting foreign dignitaries and working on the 2001 Presidential Inaugural
Candlelight Dinners.
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